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Deferral For Keynsham Regeneration

The planning application for the regeneration of Keynsham town centre submitted by the Council has been deferred by the Development Control Committee at a meeting.

The Council (as the applicant) will consider the findings of the Development Control Committee and will consider urgently on how to respond to the points made in order to sustain the momentum of the scheme.

This will then be reported back to a future meeting as soon as possible. They will be consulting closely with the community stakeholder focus group on the way forward.

The proposed scheme includes new space for shops and restaurants, new library and One Stop Shop for local public sector services, new streets and spaces for markets and events, and low carbon sustainable Council offices.

The Council is determined to deliver this scheme for Keynsham which will bring new jobs, greater prosperity, and an improved look and feel to the town. The revamp of the centre is one part of our overall plans for the town which include the redevelopment of Somerdale and the Riverside building which the Council will vacate.

A vastly improved town centre will encourage private sector investment into Keynsham resulting in new jobs, new homes and opportunities for local people.

For more information, including a fly-through of the proposals, go to

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