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Future Hopeful For Larkhall And Weston Public Toilets

The future of public toilets in Larkhall and Weston is looking hopeful, after months of ‘behind the scenes’ discussions between local Councillors.

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The toilets in Larkhall have been saved from closure for the long term foreseeable future, with the loos in Weston also being saved.

The discussions regard potentially redeveloping the loos at their current sites, to create business units with publicly accessible toilets included in the development.

The potential for this to be a solution to closure has been welcomed by Independent Councillors Dave Laming, Malcolm Lees and Bryan Chalker.

The Tesco Express store in Weston village has also agreed to include public toilet provision within the shop as part of its future expansion plans, the area’s local councillor Colin Barrett has learned.

The Conservative councillor has welcomed the news, having held regular discussions with Tesco about the issue since the toilets were first earmarked for closure last year.

If the plan goes ahead, the toilets within the Tesco Express store would be open for longer hours than the current Council-run facilities on the High Street.

Councillor David Dixon, Lib-Dem Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, said: “It is good to hear of unconfirmed news that Tesco will be providing facilities for their customers. Although as of last week their response to Council officers was still that they would not be offering publicly accessible loos. So we would love to hear from them again.

“We have however made great progress working up long term sustainable options for both Weston and Larkhall involving the potential to redevelop those blocks as business units with publicly accessible toilets as part of the package. I have been very open to this idea and we all see this as a very sustainable solution.

“The idea of converting these loo blocks is one I am very interested in. Even better the Lambridge Councillors have already come forward with a potential end user for Larkhall.

“Weston could make a nice little cafe or other local needs shopping unit this supporting the high street further.

“We will be working on the feasibility of both of these projects in the near future.”

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