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Lucky Escape After Car Bursts Into Flames In Bath

A woman has had a lucky escape this morning after the car she was driving burst into flames on the Lower Bristol Road.

Courtesy of @thoughtfulbread on Twitter

The car was near the junction of Brougham Hayes when it started to smoke and caught alight, with the large blaze quickly destroying the vehicle.

Avon Fire and Rescue sent fire teams to the scene, and upon arrival used high pressure hoses to control the fire and put it out.

Local businessman Duncan Glendinning was one of the first people to assist when the car caught on fire.

He tweeted: “Driving along and woman in car on fire..stopped, tried to put it out but too far gone…woman in shock but ok”.

The car was completely destroyed in the blaze.

The road has remained partially blocked as the vehicle is recovered.

Damage to the road surface means that the road may need to be repaired, leading to potential delays on the roads this morning.

Courtesy of @thoughtfulbread on Twitter

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